Saturday, 23 January 2010

Finding balance with a 'difficult dog'

A little something for the weekend....

My Positive Leadership Plan is there to offer a sensible, balanced starting point in maintaining respective roles in the home. The key thing to keep as a constant however, is your relationship with the dog and to maintain your role as leaders and essentially ‘controllers’. If you can do this and maintain a sense of balance in your approach (a time for direction and obedience, and then a time for play and affection) then it should feel like a natural and enjoyable experience. Dogs like boundaries and consistency, so your efforts need to be day in and day out without fail to ensure you keep things as you want them. Dogs (unlike us) do not have the ideas of working/not working, or weekdays and weekends; it’s just a continuum.

Nick Jones MCFBA
Dog Behaviourist.

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