Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Bloat/ Gastric Torsion

The dogs that are most susceptible are those that have a deep ribcage for example, labs, retrievers, shepherds... you get the idea.  However, ANY dog can get bloat.  Remember the golden rule, never ever exercise after feeding - leave at least a minimum of 2 hours... better still, mimic your dogs natural behaviour and walk first then eat...

BLOAT  The Killer

If you experience a combination of the following:
•     Your dog retches from the throat but nothing is produced other than small amounts of frothy mucus
•     Your dog tries to defaecate unsuccessfully
•     Your dog adopts the ‘Sphinx’ position
•     Your dog’s tummy goes hard and / or swells up like a balloon and is as taut as drumskin
•     Trying to bite, or worry, the abdomen
•     Your dog is very unsettled


Bloat is a true emergency - be prepared to drive to the surgery straightaway. The chance of survival decreases alarmingly if you
delay getting the dog to the surgery more than 60-90 minutes after the first signs.
So whether you’re about to catch a plane, serve a meal to your family or go to bed - DON’T. Instead take your dog to the vet.
It could save your dog’s life.

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