Thursday, 4 December 2008

A long line...your saviour?

It's pretty common for me to place a long line on a dog to create a far higher level of control for the owner, and to allow interruption of unwanted behaviour should it happen.

The long line is a god-send for owners of dogs that don't recall when called.

Typically I make up a 20metre line with a regular dog lead clip on one end, and a simple looped handle on the other. Some go for the thick flat corded type of line that can be knotted to create 'stops', but I prefer a 5-6mm line that remains light even when wet, allowing the dog to drag it without hindrance.

With really young dogs people seem determined to let them off to run freely without having put in place adequate measures for them returning when called. Place your pup on the long line for the first few weeks, and keep recalling using high value treats to reward each return. Any ignoring of your calls can be dealt with by a light tug of the line to remind the dog of your presence. THEN you can begin to introduce more freedom when your trust is there, and the dog associates your calling with an immediate response to look to you and recall. My little Pip stops like a twanged ruler when I call her...simply due to doing the above from an early age with plenty of repetition. It's not can do this too :)

Keep it simple.
Keep it fun.

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