Friday, 27 January 2012

Max & Pip. Trimpley Forest. January 2012.

I had a wonderful walk with Max & Pip to day at Trimpley, just outside Bewdley. Nobody else to be seen (which I always like to be honest) so I could get a few nice shots of the dogs when they kept still long enough. I used my trusted Lumix LX3 which is still holding its own, especially with a bit of post processing. Cropping, levels, contrast and local sharpening only. Enjoy.


contayjaknoa said...

Some wonderful photos. What are software are you using to retouch the images?

Nick Jones MA said...

Sorry, I missed your question and have just seen it.

I would have used Photoshop to make some basic adjustments. I'm now mostly Mac, so enjoying the simplicity of iPhoto in the main. It's quick and effective. Glad you like them.

Thanks, Nick