Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Border Collie behaviour...

Some heart warming feed back here folks: 

"Hi Nick,

Just wanted to let you know that we had a leak over the bank holiday and had to call out a plumber. In the past I would have taken Millie out or gone up to my moms with her until they had been and gone, otherwise she would have barked and scratched at the door the whole time she was here.

However using "on your bed"  and clicker, Me and Millie were able to stay at home in the lounge whilst they worked, and she only barked once!

Also Ted was mixing plaster with the plaster tool on his drill, Millie went over and started to bark and straight away he told her to lie down, which she did and he carried on with her just sat on the floor watching.

I really did not realise how she had taken over us.....but not any more!

She doesn't seem at all bothered and is as happy as ever.

We walked around the park this morning before work and she walked lovely behind another dog without bothering with it at all. Before she would have pulled to get to it. When the dog turned to look at her she looked at me straight away.

See you next week."

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