Thursday, 7 April 2011

Feeding Nature Diet...

For some time my own dogs have been enjoying the healthy benefits of Nature Diet - a moist complete dog food. I am excited to announce that I shall be working closely with in the future!

I approached the company recently to let them know how highly I rated the food and to also describe how I use it in most of my behaviour work. Nature Diet is a complete moist meal containing meat, brown rice and vegetables and therefore requires no additional supplements for the dog to receive all the essential nutrients required for a healthy life. All of the ingredients are UK sourced too which I love.

What I find Nature Diet does for the dog:

It is a 'clean' food, free from additives and low grade ingredients. So many supermarket brands are poor in nutritional quality that can lead to poor behaviour in the dog.

When looking to use food in behaviour work I want it to do three things...

1) To gain attention.

2) To keep attention.

3) To mark and reward desirable behaviour.

I have found time after time that Nature Diet is able to do this, leading the dog into better behaviour.
It is also excellent in use as a Kong stuffing food helping overcome separation anxiety, aggression to visitors to the home and the recall along with numerous other behaviour problems.

So a brief insight into how and why I use this excellent food.

Keep tuned for further announcements.


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