Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Rottweilers most expensive breed...

People with rottweilers face the highest vets' bills, with treatment for the dogs typically costing 61% more than for the cheapest breed, research shows.
The average cost of treatment for a rottweiler is around £441, nearly a third more than the average bill run up by all types of pedigree dogs, according to Sainsbury's Finance.

Weimaraners are the next most expensive dogs when it comes to vets' bills, with each treatment costing an average of £407.84, followed by bulldogs at £396.37.

But at the other end of the scale, West Highland Whites are the cheapest dogs to have treated, running up average bills of only £271, followed by Yorkshire terriers at £279.96 and King Charles spaniels at £284.72.
The group, which analysed claims on Sainsbury's Pet Insurance, also found a big variation in the cost of treating different breeds of cat.

A Maine Coon was the most expensive breed, costing an average of £487.93 per treatment, 40% more than the average, followed by a Bengal at £409.79.

Persian cats are the cheapest felines, with their average treatment bill around a quarter cheaper than for all breeds at £266.83, while taking a Burmese to see the vet costs around £296.17.

Neal Devine, Sainsbury's Pet Insurance manager, said: "The average cost of treating different breeds can be huge, but many people don't consider the likely difference in cost between different breeds before buying a pet.

"We would urge people to look at all the costs they could face, from food to veterinary fees, before choosing a pet."

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