Monday, 20 September 2010

Max is 12 months old...

Max my Wire-Haired Vizsla is now 12 months old, and this is a useful time to stop and reflect. I can't reflect for too long as he's quick and always ready to go go go!

As I tell most of my clients in my behaviour work, I like to focus on polite behaviour and good manners more than anything. Once we have this, we have an excellent foundation to start to bring in other disciplines or more interesting and varied training work. My own boy Max is no exception, and I think you'll find he has a cracking nature that is willing to please and he also has a high work drive to boot.

Max has Achilles heel. It's called 'Liver'. I buy big packs cheaply, cook it all off in the oven, let it cool, chop it up, and and then bag it up ready for use in recall training or anything else that takes my fancy. I freeze it ready for future use.

Last week I took Max down to Somerset to be introduced to the ways of truffle hunting. Well that was superb fun and he took to it like well, a duck to water. He impressed both Marion the instructor and me, and I shall be using my frozen samples as training 'bait' again this week. I have had a long standing and (to some) peculiar interest in fungi. I know a few now that I can eat, and I never fail to be impressed by these seasonal delights that spring up in all sorts of weird colours and shapes. Photographing them can add an extra wonderful dimension too, as to find your self flat on the forest floor with those earthy smells up your nose, well, I just love it. Always careful to check nobody can see me...goodness knows what they'd think. At least I usually have a dog with me which seems to be a good excuse to go most places! It's not unusual for me to be setting up a shot only to have a dog trample the sample in front of my eyes.

Here are the details of Marion Dean's truffle school should you be interested:

So a few pictures of Max a Million for you. All taken in the last week:

He looks so noble with the mushroom...maybe it's a calling in life for him too? The mushroom is a Boletus type. Most of which are edible. Boletus Edulis is the prized 'Cep' , 'Porcini' or 'Penny Bun' depending on your country.

Time allowing I hope to develop Max to a good standard on the truffle hunting front. This could open some interesting doors, and a great excuse to mess about in other people's woods.

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December '10 update:

I am very pleased to say that Max was awarded 'Truffle Hunter of the Year' by Marion Deane and her truffle hunting school. A great honour which I hope to further secure with next season's truffles as they emerge! Max has an incredible nose...he was born to run with his nose to the ground...astonishing to watch if I say so myself.

 We still love Pip of course!

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