Friday, 9 July 2010

German Shepherd ... On lead aggression / reactivity in general.

As you know I always like to post up good progress. Many owners (this one included) have a very pessimistic view of what can/could be achieved when at the lowest point in a relationship. This is a large long coated GSD that has the looks to die for. A stunning and very bright dog. The owner had to come to a point where all confidence was shattered. It was my job to build it up in her, so that she can pass it on to the dog, and start to reintegrate to her outside life with the dog.

Just the beginning, but a highly auspicious start!
Hi Nick,
First of all thank you for all the help you gave us just over a week ago I have studied the manual and the notes you made for us!!
Last week I slowly introduced the moist food into his diet and practised everything you showed me, this week I have done both walks so far with all the moist food eaten out on his walk.
Last week I tried training treats (wainwrights) to help me along a little but I must say the moist food seems to be working much better!!
He has remembered everything you showed him - I'm amazed at his ability to learn! He has been working for everything like you said and has much less affection he works for that too (although harder on my part me thinks!! )
All has been good so far I have encountered lots of people, bikes and cars the only dog we have seen was a distance away and he was hard work to say the least I made him sit as much as I could and fed to try and keep interest, the lady I don't think was sure what i was doing and popped her dog on a lead (he was in his front garden) and popped him inside, I wasn't planning on walking past but thought it would do him good as he wasn't to know he wasn't there anymore. We mus have stopped 8 times before we passed (lady thought I was mad I think ha) but we got past eventually, prob the only time he has really been hard to maintain, which is amazing to be honest I'm used to being dragged around the whole time.
Overall amazed at his progress and cant wait to have our second lesson so if you want to let me know when you think it would be best to do that?
Sorry for long email, but we are very excited (the dog is calm!) with everything so far so thank you.
Hope I am doing it all correctly!

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