Monday, 26 July 2010

Customer feed back...

This is not new feed back, as it was found down a pile of things to do. None the less another customer seeing good results by following my calming and control measures for dog to dog aggression.

Hello Nick

Just a formal thank you really as we have seen good improvement.

I mostly walked Sidney in France alone and he has vastly improved. He still has a tendency to go into stalk mode but is easily distracted.

Now back in England I have reverted to walking both together mostly on river side dunes as we meet lots of dogs there. I keep him on v long leash but Archie comes too and is off leash.

Sid is amenable with most dogs but still has unexplained (to me) occasions when he makes a jump at another dog - I have realised he rarely does this with bitches - but that is not exactly a clinical trial viewpoint!

With 1 group of dogs who we meet a couple of times a week - 6 or 7 - in total I am confident enough to have him off lead and he is fine but interestingly will go into a stalk mode if another new dog approaches and sometimes chases it briefly.

The spray collar unprimed has helped with Archie's barking and he is a lot more confident. He jumps in out of car in a very relaxed fashion now.

It was such beautiful weather in France that doors were always open so we have only just restarted having them sit and wait at the door but good progress.

We are very grateful for your support.

Kind regards Maggie

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