Monday, 5 July 2010

Border Terrier aggression...

You might like to read this (printed with permission as always).
This Border Terrier had become very reactive to other dogs (especially on lead...well he was hardly ever off it due to his behaviour!). I know I say this each time, but here is another example of how well dogs can do with a calm structured approach to walking and just 'being' in public. Well done to these people for your hard work and calm approach so far! I love my customers...I love my work!

Hi Nick
Thought i'd just give quick update re. Doug
He is still doing well and we haven't lapsed on any of the rules !
He seems generally a lot calmer - seems to know we're more in charge now and listens to us
Getting out the door is no problem now. When friends come or we go out we ask everyone to ignore him and he is so much better, just lies down and has a kip.
He is not barking at the birds in the garden half as much - and if he does he normally stops when we say leave it.
Still getting him used to the muzzle - he has worn for very short time - but he doesn;t seem too adverse to it.
We think he has only barked at one dog since your visit - that was when it came round the corner suddenly
So there are definitely huge improvements - hopefully you will see the differences at your next visit. 


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