Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Great client feed back...

As always, so nice to get good feed back. This is a Border Terrier in the London area that has become selectively aggressive towards some dogs. No point in keeping it to myself is there? Reprinted with permission:

Hi Nick,

It was nice to meet you on Monday - we are taking everything on board and already seeing changes!

  • He has now spent 2 nights on the landing and is perfectly happy there.
  • Getting out the gate and door much easier - this morning he just sat and waited for me to call him from the gate first time (the front door took 4 goes).
  • He loves the Nature Diet  (knew he would).
  • We bought a muzzle - he has not tried yet but have been showing him it so he gets used to it. (introduction notes sent to client).
  • Both doing the '123' thing and so far so good. (My famous 123 method is employed here).
  • Our new routine is I take him out early for a walk / jog (7ish)  on short lead, partner takes him out 11 ish and then we both go out in the evening with the training lead.
  • For the training lead , we have found a field with no other dogs around at top of the park which is perfect - after an intital 5 mins of totally ignoring us because of all the smells he was recalling to us both and really enjoying his  freedom on the long leash and leaping around in the long grass like he used.
  • Also doing the postman thing with the leash on.

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