Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Car chasing dog turns corner!

(Reprinted with owner's permission.)

Again we can see here after only one week with a great deal of effort by the owner how much dogs can improve in a relativley short time. This dog was obsessing with traffic and would have got itself killed if let off the lead near traffic. It's fair to say that smaller dogs are easier to control initially with this sort of behaviour as we are able to gain control more easily. So much easier when we can kneel down next to the dog.

The owners have used a clicker extensivley in this case as they have the timing to get it right. Clickers are not right for every case in my opinion :)

Hi Nick
just thought I would update you on how we are going. Flash has been put through her paces as it were and is responding extremely well. She is now walking to heal really well and even did this off lead yesterday!!!
Walking to heel off lead?! Astonishing. I'm delighted to hear this! Well done folks!
She does return if tweeked on the long extension rope and is getting better at not ignoring!
Again excellent news!
The roadside work continues and she is responding really well to this and very often looks at cars now and does not always need distracting. However she will bark and go for a car every now and again, so still early days but getting there.
You are definitely off to a great start here. Stay really consistent and frequent with the approach you are employing. I'm loving all this good news!
She occasionally goes for the feet/shoes but again this is less frequent.
Again keep working at this and set yourself up for success by arranging opportunities for her to 'fail' so you are able to correct her behaviour there and then without delay. Any opportune feet grabbing should result in a stand still (keep moving and it rewards the chase for her) as you issue a 'Ah-Ah!' type sound in an displeased tone. Then calmly remove her from the shoe and place her into a time out either on her wall line or in her crate for a minute.
She is returning to her basket when instructed and tries every now and again to go on the sofa but will stay off if removed.
Going to her basket when asked is a great boon in the home, so I'm pleased about that for you. Again very well done! practice a few send to bed exercises whereby you reward her once she is in the bed and sitting there nicely. Build up the duration she is to remain in the bed to make it steady. Catch sofa jumping early where possible.
She still appears a little uncertain when we have visitng children as she barked at my friends little boy who appeared nervous in front of Flash. I removed her with a stern NO but again was not too sure the best way of overcoming this apart from the leave it command.
If you know the visiting child is nervous and the dog is also uncertain I would place her in the crate and be done with it. If the visiting child is more confident, then place her on the lead and allow them to drop in food from a distance free from pressure. Gradually shorten the distances and go from there. Always use a lead with visiting children until you are utterly confident. I suspect she will always be a little's in her nature.
She likes the nature diet but although we are feeding the puppy/junior, the website suggsts by 6 months she should be on adult so any suggestion on this would be appreciated.
Place her on adult as she's 8 months now.
Overall definitely a step or few in the right direction and I am feeling happier as well when on my own with the dog.
Simply awesome work there. very well done. As I explained you've made that rapid 70-80% improvement very quickly, now you will settle into a slightly slower improvement curve and this is where you need to stick at it for lasting effect.
Can I suggest you keep on with this now and re contact me in a couple of weeks?
I remain on phone/email should you need additional support.

Best wishes,

Nick Jones MCFBA

Alpha Dog Behaviour

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