Monday, 26 April 2010

Cairn terrier turns corner!

I like to post up feedback (with permission of course) to reassure you folks that your dog is very capable of change!

Dramatic change is very possible, and I regularly see it. Dogs are so inspiring when you stop to consider it. They live in this moment here and now. Not thinking about the loss of an old dog or past experiences, or even considering the future (well maybe about a meal or a walk...but not much further ahead than that!).
This being in the moment facilitates change. They can change because they are open to it- free from hindrances of the past or a future.

Of course dogs learn poor behaviour as well as good behaviour (though these remain somewhat subjective I know), but they are often ready for fresh input and a new way of doing things. Read on for a nice example of adopting change after only three days. These two Cairn terriers, and caring owners are a super example:

Dear Nick

Thank you so much for our training session last Friday.

We have been rigid with the training and not let up.

Their walking antics has improved by at least 40% just in this small space and time, and keeping them calm around the house has really worked.

We have had a few times out in the kitchen, but again working wonders.

They no longer get excited and jump in the mornings, so vast improvement there too.

I would just like to thank you for helping us, and realise they are still work in progress, (or we are work in progress should I say) – not to revert to our old habits.

It makes them a pleasure to walk now too.  Only the odd session from Treacle and we have the tools to rectify her straight away.

The food is also going down a treat too, so thank you for that as well.  They actually sit at the side of me waiting for their food to be prepared and clean bowls afterwards – how nice.

Completely dry nights too, and they seem to be responding to commands instantly now – just totally different calmer dogs.

I will keep you posted as to progress.

With warm regards

Lisa, Darren, Honey and Treacle.

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