Monday, 12 April 2010

Bassett Hound aggression...

Another superb example of how with hard work, commitment and the acceptance of change, dogs and owners can turn very big corners. Nicky and her family have my full admiration for the work and devotion they have put in since my visits, and will continue to do so I know. As always I facilitate...the owners 'do'. I offer the tools and show how to use them, the owners 'do'.

I love Bassetts, I admit to having a soft spot for them. They can suffer from the 'Oooooh look!' syndrome, and some may fail to see that there is actually a lot of dog under those flaps, folds and ears! All dogs regardless of the breed require guidance and control in certain circumstances, so this is far from a breed specific point I make.

I telephoned Nick late one evening a virtual wreck having witnessed my beloved Bassett Hound 'go for my mum'. This was the second occasion and I felt that I had two options left to me; get help, some serious help, or get rid of my dog.

I approached Nick as his website was so detailed, and as an added bonus the cost of his support in behaviour modification would be covered by my dog insurance. Nick gave me some instant advice over the telephone, and lots of reassurance that this awful situation could be turned around with hard work and consistency on my part.

Within 30 minutes of Nick's first visit I learnt some fantastic techniques, and was astounded at how both of my dogs responded to Nick. Bassett's are stubborn in my opinion, but here were my hounds looking to Nick for instruction. To cut a long story short, and leaving out all of the training, changes in my behaviour, house leads and mooring points! I now have two happy, content, easy going dogs, who know I am in charge and act accordingly.

Our training continues, and I know that Nick is on the end of a telephone should I need any further advice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nick to anybody and am sincerely grateful for his support and guidance!

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