Monday, 1 March 2010

Customer testimonial

I love my customers. More great feed back here from a family that have put their heart and soul into this head strong male yellow labrador. Lovely dog, lovely family:

As owners of a very lively, headstrong, 18 month old Labrador, we felt that we needed help with his dominating behaviour. Nick was recommended to us by our vets, and we had 2 sessions with November and February. We were very impressed by Nick’s simple, logical & practical approach to a number of issues. We certainly did not pamper or molly-coddle our dog, and felt that we were fairly disciplined with him. However, sometimes you need to be guided by someone....even if it is subtle changes in your own behaviour towards your pet. Nick was, without doubt, very adept at doing this. He showed us how, by making a number of changes (mainly in our behaviour) and to the surroundings, things would change. They certainly did and, within a few days, it was like living with a different dog. The second visit looked at the progress we had made, and tackled any further issues that had arisen in the intervening period. We are still a ‘work in progress’, but with Nick’s help (and ongoing offer of support), we are looking forward to living with an angel rather than a devil!

The thing to emphasise here folks is that dogs really are able to change...quite quickly in most cases too. I was blown away with the improvements that were clearly visible within the dog and watching the proud owners show me what they had done was a joy. As they state they need to carry on and maintain the work they have started.

Nick Jones MCFBA
Dog Behaviourist

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