Sunday, 14 February 2010

Holiday snaps in Cornwall...

What an amazing first day here in Cornwall. We adore Harlyn Bay, and today lived up to out greatest expectations with bright mildly warm sun on our backs and face.

I think I realised how much I needed the break as I felt my feet seep into the soft sand when standing still. Both dogs are exhausted and we have perfect silence back at the home.

A bit of a foodie day being Valentine's, what with egg on toast to start the day, a pastie for lunch and a three course dinner all made by me here at our place. The pastie was made by Rick Stein's. Never fail to get a good pastie from there. I'm rather full!

Not sure if we'll see such sun again this week, but here's hoping!

Enjoy the pics. Once again my LX3 camera offers a nice result.

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