Monday, 1 February 2010

Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council

The PETbc, in consultation with Britain’s top full-time practitioners of dog behaviour and training have set out the definitions for roles in all the relevant disciplines in canine behaviour, training and puppy development. A total of over 200 years’ combined practical experience has led to the production of this definitive work.

Many professional roles have been defined for all to gain from. The link above describes the following roles:

Dog Trainer

Dog training Instructor

Professional Dog Trainer

Dog Training Behaviour Assessor

Puppy Trainer

Puppy Behaviour Assessor

Puppy Training Instructor

Canine Behaviour Consultant

Canine Behaviour Practitioner

Gundog Trainer

Gundog Training Instructor

Gundog Training Assessor

Police Dog Handler / Trainer

Police Dog Training Instructor

I hope you find this of interest.

Nick Jones MCFBA
(Canine Behaviour Practitioner.)

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