Monday, 22 February 2010

More good feed back!

Some great feed back after a puppy visit last week.

Hello Nick, since your visit he's been introduced to so much new stuff - the lead, walking, strangers, other dogs, cats, rabbits etc and he's been an absolute legend. We're using your advice about keeping a lead on him and such a simple thing has changed our whole approach, we can control him without him mistaking it for play. The tie up point is in place in the lounge and he knows he can only go in if he's super calm. Yesterday he sat in his bed in there for two hours without a single mistake; it was like he was plastic!

More than anything we want to thank you for reminding us he is a dog, not a human and his needs are very different. With your three hours teaching we are so much happier and have a happy balanced puppy that is so well behaved that everyone we meet is amazed he's so young. He's still a bit ‘bity’ on the clothing, but we're using the forced mistake method you taught us and are making excellent progress.

We'll keep you updated on our progress but thanks again for your excellent advice.


Thanks Andy...cheques in the post ;)

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