Friday, 12 February 2010

Great feedback...

Always nice to hear from people after a visit. I've had a run on puppy visits this week, and here's a comment from one of them:

Hi Nick,

Thanks so much for your advice yesterday and for confirming it all in writing. We have had a very enjoyable day with Charlie today. I put him in his crate this morning while I got the kids ready. He was happy to go and as a result we had a much more stress free morning. I took away the puppy pads and have taken him outside every hour using treats as a reward when he goes and so far no accidents for the first day yet !!!! He is already happy to sit and wait by the door. I'm absolutely over the moon at how well he's responded to your suggestions and I feel much better being in control. So thanks once again.

My puppy visit page can be seen here.

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