Sunday, 4 October 2009

Oooo la-la

Hi people. I have a catalogue of pictures from recent visits I'd like to post up, so I am hoping to do that as soon as I can find the time. What with sickness, dogs staying, and a work load a few things are having to give.

The above link is interesting, and as I read it through I wondered if they had any professional help. There are references to the dog's depression due to the change of environment, which sounds a bit suspect to me. I believe that if you have a leadership based relationship with your dog, you can take it anywhere - providing it gets exercise (OMG, I'm gonna say it...) discipline and affection. Not intending to quote Cesar, but there it is.

Medication for its depression? Oops. Mistake. I suspect the dog was not getting enough from the former Pres. Chirac in terms of daily guidance and leadership. How can it given his what must have been an exhaustive agenda day in and out? These are bred as companion dogs, though just like any other breed need guidance throughout.

I wish maybe two things:

1) I spoke French
2) They had called me :)


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