Saturday, 19 September 2009

DVD filming under way...

All of last week was spent filming for my first dvd and will be called the 'Positive Leadership Plan'
Based on common sense, sound handling, and a calm way to show your dog that it's you leading the way enabling your dog to relax-helping resolve behaviour problems in the process. This can be an excellent foundation for future behaviour work that may be needed for your's not a quick fix dvd :)

I still have some further footage (oh yes, I shoot mini DV tapes which remain best for quality) to shoot, and will hopefully finish shooting next week and then will need just as much time to edit and create. Packaging and dvd printing will all be done in house ensuring quality and a consistent finish. I have sourced a number of cool copy wright free soundtracks to lay on top to give it the final polish.

You're waiting for it, and I'm desperate to get it to you - so keep looking for updates here and also:

The pictures posted here are from the section covering doorways and calm behaviour around them.

Cheers. Nick

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