Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Surfing Safari

Last night shows Pip in B&W, and today in blazing coloured sunshine.

We have seen weather here from blazing cover-up sun, to hail stones and shocking thunder and lightning. Unbelievable!

Pip ran on the beach today and has become brazen with other people's balls that may be used for throwing between people or other dogs flinging balls. She will come back and will drop them, but anything other than a clear leave it then it's all fair game right? No harm in it and people love her to bits for it.

Katie and I hit the waves today with hired wet suits and boogie boards and had great fun, though the waves were a little rough for her; I realised this when her whole board took a nose dive into the surf with Katie on top like a limpet. She lept up quickly with a rather shocked face and clearly looking for me! I was 6 inches away. Naturally. After some negotiations I took her back to base camp whereby her suit had to be peeled off like a well, wet suit. I then got 45 minutes on my own whereby I met a nice recently retired Royal Naval commander next to me on the outer limits as we waited for the next big wave to come in. We had a laugh, exchanged stories and were then swept away.

We are looking for another dog now, and we have seen on the beach today a nice Airedale (a long standing favourite for us) and a very sweet looking standard poodle.

Pip disgraced us on the beach by producing not one, not two but three poos on the sand. Thankfully between a Hello magazine, a Tesco bag and a better equipped Airedale owner we struggled through!

The end of the week looms, and the weather forecast bodes ill, so we'll see how much is worth publishing!


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