Sunday, 12 July 2009

I'm on me holidays!

I'm on holiday this week in Cornwall. An awful drive down and last night's weather was awful too!
We were all due to cycle the Camel Trail today to Padstow, but the weather was too unpredictable and very wet when we were preparing, so Katie went swimming at the resort here and I went off on a cross country mountain bike ride with Pip totalling 10 miles. No sooner had I set off of course the sun came out and the day improved immensely.
Once home and washed off, we set off to a wonderful bay and played frisbee, had snoozes in the sun and helped Katie relocate most of the winkles and muscles from one set of rocks to another. As we were leaving Katie decided she wanted to take a small water snail home. We persuaded her that it would be happier in its original rock pool. As she went to drop it back in the pool she dropped her cropped jeans in too. We all had a good laugh about it (as you can seem to do when on holiday) but Katie was less than amused when she had to walk around Padstow wearing wet jeans and an ice cream in her hand.
The waves were terrific, and I wish I brought my boogie board and wet suit now. Loads of dogs on the beach too, and I am often surprised by how many just seem to bark non stop. What's even more surprising is that the owners seem to offer no correction or even tell the dog to be quiet. Still, I'm not here to work :)
I was very pleased to see a few German Shepherds running freely and with intent on their owners, not my little Pip.
Pip is now UTTERLY exhausted. In a curl up in her basket at my feet giving a periodic woof-woof-woof volley in her sleep....the only time you'll ever hear her bark really. She had her Burns for dinner, along with the chicken picked from last night's carcass, so she was in seventh heaven as you can imagine.
Hope you like the pictures above too.

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