Friday, 17 July 2009

A final flourish...

Last night's weather was truly awful. I laid awake listening to the rain on and off. It rained so hard, and a nice reminder of how close to the elements you are in this thin part of the country.

We have always loved North Cornwall, but despite the weather this holiday confirms a long term desire to live here or have a second place here if fortune smiles upon us in later years. I look good in a wet suit, so that sorts it.

A few pictures from today for you that tells a nice story, and you can see how the weather had improved today! Gawd was it windy though! Hardly shorts and t-shirt weather on the estuary at Rock. Pip is once again wiped out on the floor at my feet and is letting out a steady stream of noxious gasses as I type. The wind did my work for me along the estuary as all I had to do was to give the ball a decent kick and it ran along the surface like a land speed record...awesome.

Ball flingers. The UK seems to be suffering from a deluge of brittle/poorly made models.I'm on my third in so many weeks. No wonder my shoulder needs some therapy when I get back.

The red larger dog is a Golden retriever (fox red colour) that we all loved. Female named Margo. Nicely trained and worked by the owner - a pro photographer as it happens Sara said. "Did you tell him I'm a pro dog trainer?" I asked back. No, came the answer. Just as well. I rarely tell people what I do unless I'm feeling left out of conversation ;) You can be guaranteed an hours questioning otherwise.

A lovely flat coated retriever outside Rick's (ok, we love him) Deli in Padstow. Prices a a bit high Rick for your veg. and regular fish. We bought our veg. at Tesco's! There's a good fish stall a few units down we've used before, and we bought two nice plaice as seen under the grill for tonight's dinner. Two tubs of crab pate went down well on well buttered toast as a starter too ;)
A lovely image to buy into though, and I admire his business model and development. People are always happy to pay for quality as long as they perceive and receive that value.

Home tomorrow, and dropping into Calne, Wilts to see a new baby in the family- Sara's side. Wonderful.

The A6 Avant has been a solid motor as always, and has enhanced the break for me. Still can't help but take a quick glance back as you walk away and blip it.

Back to normal next week of course, which will also mean less time to reflect and gabble. I've enjoyed my blogging-hope you have too. Please subscribe to remain updated!


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