Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day 3 Holiday...

A youtube video from yesterday is here. Funny.

We set off for an earlier ride along the Camel Trail today (early being about 10am anyway). We started at Wadebridge this time and did about 4 miles back towards Padstow.

We managed to miss most of the rain though the odd shower hit us. The Camel Trail is a must if you've not done it before. Perfect for all ages. Cycle hire is dead easy, and I would advise this unless you're a die hard and want to use your own bikes and so on.

We saw a couple that had hired 2 bikes with two kiddy cycle trailers normally for kids...to my amazement they were both pulling strapping yellow labs! I was speachless. I think the dogs were rather out of control so maybe they had no choice. I did see one dog walking back to the other lab when on our return leg and it was pulling like a mad thing despite wearing a head harness back to its doggie mate. I can make most dogs walk to heel in 5 minutes now if not sooner...but I'm not here to work-that sounds familiar!

We saw a few other lovely dogs running alongside the bikes beautifully today, these included a pair of border terriers (seen plent here) a nice tan and white Springer and a collie.

Pip. Well I figure she's done the equivalent of a marathon without exageration what with my ride on Sunday and family rides, and then beach walks, and runs and sprints, chasing, jumping, general madness. It seems to have taken its toll, and she will have a simple 'walk only' day tomorrow. She's stiff, sore and very quiet :(

She's been given extra food, water and limb rubs so she'll be alright no doubt. Mind you, we all feel the same! She seems to have lost her squeek..haha!

We came back here for a 12 O'clock meeting with a rep. for the site as we're considering a place here, but on balance there's a lot of facilities we will end paying for and not actually use. Still, a nice thought; but not here.

We lunched at Rick's cafe and I have to say it was very good food, quick service and so on. Next week will be very busy due to the main schools breaking up.

Back here after luch in Padstow, and a nice walk about to hit the swimming pool with Katie whilst Sara had a therapy treatment. Katie and I waited in the car for 10 minutes prior to swimming due to exceptionally heavy rain, thunder and lightening - even hail stones!

Up to the bar for a drink after swimming, and then home for dinner. Katie has asked (to my delight and surprise) to get on the surf tomorrow so I'm up for that. We shall hire all our boards, wet suits and get in the sea providing it's not a raging sea! Not worth buying her kit due to her growth and so on.


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