Monday, 13 July 2009

Day 2 Holiday

Pip steals the frisbee video

Another poor start to the day weather-wise, but we bit the bullet and hit the Camel Trail starting in Padstow. Rick Stein himself came out to wave us off as he heard we were in town-nice of him.
We cycled about 3 miles out and then turned around and came back. This was just as well as by the time we arrived back to the car park it was raining heavily. Thankfully we had waterproof tops, and dry clothes in the car. Pip ran all the way just beautifully-bless.
Sara dropped in to Rick's deli/fish shop and bought a n ice big skate wing for our dinner tonight which was fried in a large pan in butter. Finally I threw a few capers in and made an unctuous sauce when adding more butter and a little balsamic ;) Just to sound really posh we bought some marsh samphire which has to be tasted to be understood. Delicious!
We all came back to our pad after eating a lovely pastie in the car as it rained...this really made us appreciate we were in England on holiday.
Once home we all chilled for a good 2 hours. I drifted off in the bath whilst trying to read, Sara slept on the sofa, and Katie watched TV and surfed the 'net...she would have been as well to sleep too. It's the anniversary of Sara's mum passing, so a poignant day, but Sara's nephew's wife gave birth at 3am today what do you make of that?! Wonderful news in any event. A little girl.
By about 5pm, the skies were clearing so we hit the beach again today, and we are rather smitten with Harlyn as dogs are allowed and the waves were spot on too. Wonderful. We're looking for a second home here now!
We want to do the Camel Trail again tomorrow. The forecast looked better for the morning so an earlier start tomorrow all being well.
More updates as we go folks. I do have a funny clip of video, but it's over the allowable amount on this blog (100mb). Typical.
Dog rant. Labradors. They so often come over to little Pip and stand over her, goading her to play and basically being rude pushing their luck. One thick set male came over, tail higher than you'd think possible, hackles up sniffing Pip all over, he then straddled across her and started to hump her. By this time I'd had his collar and dragged him off. Where was the owner? Gawd knows! Funny, Pip sleeps next to me, woofing her head off as I type, tongue half out, legs splayed belly showing. Last of the chicken carcass for her tonight along with raw asparagus root, carrot, and some Burns.
Also saw a few bits of dog poo on the beach today...tut-tut. You can see how non doggie people get disgusted with dogs on beaches.

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