Thursday, 16 April 2009

Marley and Me review

Katie (aged 10) and Sara (a bit older) went to see Marley and Me together last weekend.

I asked them to write me a few lines each and here it is:

Sara says:

MARLEY AND ME- Review, 11 April 2009

Based on a true story, this film tells the tale of John and Jen and their puppy Marley. The film loosely follows the novel of the same name. The plot covers the transformation of family life with a lively and badly behaved Labrador. The result is slightly over cute but a great family film for dog lovers. Watch out for the ending- rather sad and needs waterproof makeup!

Katie says:

Marley & Me is a fantastic film about a very naughty Labrador and his life with the family! It is a very heart warming film, although the actual children’s version of the book (which I have read millions of times) is a bit of a different story line but the film has the basic outline.
I would personally rate this film as a four out of five, because it was a little too sad at the end for younger children! Plus a crying mother sitting next to you doesn’t help! And it doesn’t have the same story line as I mentioned before. The actors are brilliant for all the parts! I hope you would enjoy it as much as I did, although I would go and see it soon because in ODEON (the cinema we went to) viewings end on the 16th of April!


Anonymous said...

hope to watch that movie.. shelter makeover issue, check this out:

Nick Jones MCFBA said...

Thanks for that...very interesting. Grim must be feeling just that.

brigette said...

I really enjoyed watching Marley & Me! Just like I enjoyed watching this cute Pup-peroni video!