Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Great feed back here:

"Hi Nick
Thank you for the Dog Behaviour session I had with you recently and would like you to know how much it has enhanced my relationship with my Jack Russell puppy. The session made me realise that although I have owned dogs for many years, it was my behaviour and my partners that needed addressing as much as the dog's.The change has been instant, and I have had so many friends and family tell me how much Jimmy has changed for the better as he was starting to get out of control. This really was the best Christmas present I have ever had and I would strongly recommend you to anyone who has a dog that is taking over.
Thank you again,

How nice is that? Cheques in the post thank you Alan. A gift to him for Christmas from his partner too!

On a more serious note, this is a super example of how getting in early to assist can make the difference between a successful future and a miserable one. there are basic inescapable facts with dogs, such as the longer that any behaviour continues, the harder it can be to remedy things later on.
Both Alan and his dog were receptive to change as the dog was nice and young, and the owner was devoted to the dog and ready to take on board whole heartedly my input.

As always my approach is one of simple methods combined with a calm direction that helps the dog understand that the human leads...not the dog. That kind of statement has a whiff of over-assertiveness about it don't you think?

At no time do I advocate or use harsh handling methods; I just go about the work at hand in a quiet way, leaving dog, owner and myself relaxed and able to think straight.
Ok, enough already! I'm waffling.

What about this recent weather eh?......

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