Sunday, 4 January 2009

My New Year Message...

Well 2009 is upon us, the Turkey is gone, stale bread is out for the blackbirds, and there are some worrying looking remnants of cheese left in my fridge.

Many people will enter 2009 with a sense of worry and concern as to the economic crisis that seems to grip all medias, and pervade every mental space in your head.

Thankfully I'm not going to make myself redundant. I have been two or three times in my sales career back in the 90's so I know what it's like. I was single then, so having a family to support would be a huge worry.

I do have a family now, plus I'm self employed, so of course I do stop and think from time to time as to what 2009 will be like on a business and financial level. So how should we set ourselves up mentally for the year ahead against what seems overwhelming odds that we're due an awful year (according to media sources)?

Self Belief. Self belief that you are as capable and worthy as the next person that you can grow on all levels in your life. I like the media generally, and follow the news once a day where I can, but I strongly feel that we may be in danger of talking (or being talked!) into a decline that is either no where near as bad as predicted, or a situation that quickly regains itself and life to all intents and purposes carries on as normal. There will be some industries that profit and some that decline for sure, but take self responsibility and make the very best of all you have from where you are. Not a blind 'Positive Thinking' mindset, but a mindset based on action to improve your circumstances, so that you are more in control of your life each day, week, month and year.

Return to Simplicity. Don't they say the simplest things in life are free? Family, friends, dog walks, helping a neighbour, paying a sincere compliment, a snog with the missus...they're all free :)

Strong Mind. In this modern fast paced world mental fitness is essential nowadays, and even more so should you find yourself working as I do as a self employed individual. Sure I have people to talk to when the pressure is on, but at the end of the day the buck does stop on my desk...but I wouldn't have it any other way ;)
Remember that like the seasons the economy will have its changing 'seasons'. Remember that Summer will come again, so guard against allowing yourself to be sucked into common negative thinking, and keep away from people that love to winge or moan, tear down others in their absence and probably do the same to you in your absence. A strong mind will allow you to endure any bad weather that may be forecast. Remember that the sun always follows the rain.

Strong Body. No, not suggesting you take out yet another gym membership that won't be used (been there, done that). I'm thinking of general health and well-being. 2008 for me was a transformational year on the health front. I stopped drinking (no booze for 5 months now), lost nearly three stone (just over 40lb for the U.S. reader) which was tied back to my drinking. Stella Artois was reassuringly expensive, but I've saved pounds in more ways than one! A careful eye on my carb. intake helped massively, along with a careful selection of vitamin and mineral supplementation. A gradual return to mountain biking (Pip loves this!) has also left my lung capacity feeling much better.

I've never been a smoker thankfully, so that remains a non issue. I would go down the hypnosis route if I were a smoker.

As a result, I'm lighter on my feet, more confident, I look better in a shirt (if you don't mind me saying so on my own Blog!) my mind is 100% more agile, and my work rate has positively spiralled benefiting my life an all respects.

The above isn't so much about me, me, me, but how it might encourage you, you, you :)

So there you have it. Four things that you might consider for 2009.
  1. Self Belief.
  2. Return to Simplicity.
  3. Strong Mind.
  4. Strong Body.
I wish you well in all that you do this year.

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