Saturday, 10 January 2009

Great feedback on a dog's behaviour

This week amongst a number of other dogs I paid a second visit to the most handsome Golden Retriever and its owner. We looked at a number of areas that needed improving, primarily that of the recall. You can imagine how pleased I was to receive this letter in the post today. Permission granted by customer of course.

"Working with Nick has given me the much needed support, knowledge and encouragement to continue to work with Benjie, and I am now confident that, with the possibility of further sessions as and when necessary, Benjie will become the well-mannered, obedient, happy dog that everyone will love to be around.
His advice on all aspects of the dog's welfare has been invaluable. I am so grateful for his expertise. It has been a joy to watch him working with the dog. He accomplishes so much in a short time and in such a gentle manner and it is obvious that Benjie likes and respects him."

Mrs. Cowdry- Droitwich.

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