Saturday, 6 December 2008

Just for Pets Kidderminster...

I've had a good day today, down at Just for Pets Kidderminster.
I ran a free training and behaviour day, with a steady flow of people popping in to discuss concerns they have.
Some things we could get sorted by chatting, others were slightly more serious and will need some help in the home.
The issue of socialisation (or lack of!) came up a few times and remember folks how important it is to keep your dogs well socialised along with an element of basic obedience for listening to you.
Many dogs come to us (if rescued) lacking this vital element, so be sure to gain a full understanding as to your prosepctive dog's behaviour before bringing it home.

A big thanks to Mike, Dom and all the staff who were more than cooperative during my day there.

Should you wish to talk to me regarding your dog's behaviour, you can contact me here:

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