Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Dog plays in snow...


This is a great clip of a dog running (and disappearing from sight!) through very deep snow.
Well worth a watch.
What's equally as interesting, is the http://www.dogwork.com/ web site and the basic principles it outlines...that of being encouraged to take your dog to work!

I do frequently with my dog Pip (albeit in the back of the Land Rover!) but imagine all those office workers with bored dogs at home.

Looking at it negatively for a moment, there will bound to be people feeding your dog (that would need to be a No.1 rule not to eh?) dogs having the occasional 'accident', and then worse case...dogs quarrelling or even fighting. Office bitching is bad enough right?

On a positive note though, I think it's a superb idea, and would do lots to raise morale and keep people working towards a common goal.

Should you wish to talk to me regarding your dog's behaviour, you can contact me here: http://www.alphadogbehaviour.co.uk/

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